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dreams • design + life had the great pleasure of working with Maureen Stockton, the founder and inventor of Formé Comfort, on the industrial design of her Shoe Shapers product offering.  To realize Maureen's vision, Kevin Bethune led the industrial design alongside a remarkable team of designers, engineers, product managers and marketing experts.  As a team, we saw the product through the paces of initial conception, all the way through extensive prototyping and product launch.

What we loved about Maureen was that she maintained a very wide aperture during the creative process, considering a diversity of inspirations (colors, textures, feelings, emotions, forms, etc.) to help us inform and enrich the product, and she directly engaged in co-creation with consumers through every iteration of the product design.  As a result, we arrived at a Shoe Shaper that does more than just protect a woman's footwear investment, but transforms how she feels about herself when she puts on her favorite pair of shoes by ensuring the most comfortable fit.  Thank you Maureen for the opportunity to collaborate with you and provide delight to women everywhere!  Congratulations on this wonderful venture!

Forme Shoe Shapers.jpg

Please enjoy the following videos which highlight the recent Formé Comfort launch event at Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills, California.  The second video features celebrity stylist Victor Blanco and his thoughts on his new favorite fashion accessory ... Formé Shoe Shapers!

Lastly, hear directly from Formé Comfort by visiting their company website to understand how you can get your hands on this beautiful and helpful product. 

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