a beautiful future

A beautiful future. A piece made in collaboration with Andia Winslow, a renowned voice-over artist, elite athlete ambassador, activist, spokesmodel and master certified fitness professional ... and Kevin Bethune, dd•l's founder, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, innovator and design leader. Amplifying the human experience is a common chord shared between Andia & Kevin's special makeup of talents.

Especially after the Super Bowl where we're bombarded with advertising messages telling us what to consume, let us remember what's truly important ... to amplify human potential and to create a beautiful future, together.

dreams • design + life is a think tank that delivers design & innovation services using a human-centered approach.

Created by: Kevin Bethune & Andia Winslow

Written by: Kevin Bethune & Andia Winslow

Voiceover: Andia Winslow

Sketch Animation: Kevin Bethune

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