Design.Co Renewal - mosaic 1 of 6

70 luminary travelers recently gathered together in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for "Design.Co," a creative retreat led by John Maeda.

Kevin Bethune (founder of dreams • design + life) introduced the notion of "what-if" questions that provoked more beautiful interpretations of the future we want to see, and then each traveler reflected on the renewal (i.e. transformation) that they are experiencing as they position themselves, their organizations or broader society for that better future.

dd•l's "a beautiful future" video served as inspiration for the group to contemplate their individual and collective answers to these provocations.

Over the next few weeks, we'll share additional videos that capture small mosaics of travelers and their personal reflections. Please enjoy!

Special thanks to John Maeda and the Design.Co family for your support behind sharing these reflections, as many people will find them inspiring.

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