dd•l + trail running shoe

Kevin Bethune takes inspiration from a recent run and hike in Griffith Park to imagine a better answer to a trail running shoe.  Thank you for watching.  If you're interested in beginning a collaboration with dd•l, please click on the Contact link above and provide your contact information.  Thank you very much for watching.

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dd•l + brand meaning

Kevin Bethune explains the meaning behind the name, "dreams • design + life" (pronounced "dreams, design and life").  He reflects on his career path, and how that informed the purpose of his company moving forward.  Dreams, the role of design and life circumstances are all connected and cyclical. Thank you for watching. If you're interested in beginning a collaboration with dd•l, please click on the Contact link above.  Thank you.

dd•l + Eames' design

dreams • design + life showcases a pair of design superheroes in Ray & Charles Eames, who left a wonderful legacy of exemplary creativity across many different mediums. Our studio seeks to embrace many of their ideals in our work. If your business is interested in starting a collaboration with us, please click on the contact link above and provide your details.  Thank you very much for watching.

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dd•l + creativity

dreams • design + life shares its perspective on "creativity," and how that informs the opportunities it pursues with dd•l's unique set of multidisciplinary design & innovation capabilities.  If you are interested in beginning a collaboration with us, please click on the contact link above.  Thank you.

dd•l + Formé Comfort

dreams • design + life had the great pleasure of working with Maureen Stockton, the founder and inventor of Formé Comfort, on the industrial design of her Shoe Shapers product offering.  To realize Maureen's vision, Kevin Bethune led the industrial design alongside a remarkable team of designers, engineers, product managers and marketing experts.  As a team, we saw the product through the paces of initial conception, all the way through extensive prototyping and product launch.

What we loved about Maureen was that she maintained a very wide aperture during the creative process, considering a diversity of inspirations (colors, textures, feelings, emotions, forms, etc.) to help us inform and enrich the product, and she directly engaged in co-creation with consumers through every iteration of the product design.  As a result, we arrived at a Shoe Shaper that does more than just protect a woman's footwear investment, but transforms how she feels about herself when she puts on her favorite pair of shoes by ensuring the most comfortable fit.  Thank you Maureen for the opportunity to collaborate with you and provide delight to women everywhere!  Congratulations on this wonderful venture!

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Please enjoy the following videos which highlight the recent Formé Comfort launch event at Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills, California.  The second video features celebrity stylist Victor Blanco and his thoughts on his new favorite fashion accessory ... Formé Shoe Shapers!

Lastly, hear directly from Formé Comfort by visiting their company website to understand how you can get your hands on this beautiful and helpful product. 

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dreams • design + life spent the past week (May 11-18) in New York City for NYCxDESIGN week. Please enjoy a few highlights of our trip drawing from interesting keynotes, panels and inspirational tours throughout the visit. Thank you for watching!

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Strategic Design Conference 2018 DESIGN x CONVERGENCE

... join dd•l's founder Kevin Bethune in NYC on Saturday, May 12th at Parsons School of Design for NYCxDESIGN week. We're celebrating convergence! Parsons Strategic Design + Management Link: http://bit.ly/designxconvergence

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dreams • design + life

Welcome to dd•l's blog.  Hear a few words from our founder Kevin Bethune by clicking the video link below.  Please check back often for regular updates that will keep you inspired.  Thank you and we appreciate your interest in dd•l.  

The Design of Business | The Business of Design

Last January (2018), Kevin Bethune was invited to the Yale School of Business to join design-icon's Michael Bierut and Jessica Helfand as a guest lecturer in the design class they co-teach as a part of the MBA curriculum.  Before the class, I joined Michael and Jessica for their "The Design of Business | The Business of Design" podcast where we had rich discussion about the ongoing convergence of design, business and technology.  


Please enjoy the podcast by clicking on the link below.  Thank you for listening.

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Design Research Design Strategy (DRDS #4) - Outthink Innovation

Last year, Kevin Bethune had the pleasure of being invited to the 4th iteration of the Design Research Design Strategy (DRDS) Conference held in Hamburg, Germany where he gave a keynote talk about his multidisciplinary career.  Please visit DRDS's website for more details.

To hear more from Kevin, please enjoy more of the 1:1 interview conducted by Karolina Stachecka of iStream:

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TED - the superpowers of design

TED and BCG teamed up again for its annual TED@BCG event last October 2017, this time in Milan, Italy. The theme for this session was “Break the Mold,” since the complexity of our times and the speed of change require more concerted investments in diversity and valuing differences in approach to help us solve big problems.

Kevin had the fortunate pleasure of joining a cast of incredible speakers across the realms of art, design, microbiology, technology, social impact, and education. Whether sitting in the audience or watching backstage before it was his turn to step onto TED’s “red dot,” he was deeply inspired by all the great initiatives each speaker was pioneering within their respective fields. Another energy boost was having his wife and son join him in Milan to share in this special moment.

Please enjoy Kevin Bethune's TED talk on the "superpowers of design."   Thanks for watching.

Kevin Bethune on picking the locks ...

In 2016, Kevin Bethune was invited by John Maeda to write for Design.Blog which encapsulated 50 stories from thought leaders who live at the intersection of design, strategy, technology and inclusion.


Please click the link below to enjoy Kevin's piece, "Kevin Bethune on Picking the Locks:  Journey into Innovation."

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