Unlocking human potential through the creation of empathic and holistic experiences
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dreams • design + life delivers human-centered design & innovation services to enrich people’s lives. We operate at the intersection of design, business and technology. Founded by Kevin Bethune, he brings over 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering, product creation, strategy, industrial design and serving as a creative co-founder of two innovation incubators before starting dd•l.

We want to help brands better position themselves for the future by leveraging distinct design capabilities. Our multidisciplinary expertise includes trend curation, future visioning, human-centered design, ethnographic research, industrial design and product development. Our mission is to unlock human potential through the creation of empathic and holistic experiences.




Since the beginning of time, the human value criteria we hold most dear either changes with the times in some cases or remains a steady constant . As the pace of change quickens, we find ourselves questioning more and more what makes us human. Even our most basic needs should not be taken for granted, and we have to weigh the short and long term implications for anything we invent and bring into the world.

When we think about what to create, history can teach us valuable lessons. We must also ensure that we are present in the moment, right now. We must allow ourselves to feel, touch, explore and examine the world around us. With that anchor, we lean into our imagination to create a better, vibrant and beautiful future. We see this working together as a continuum, where the past, present and future are always connected.

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Dreams are the vivid product of our imagination and represent our aspirations in rich fidelity. Ideally, our visions connect to the dreams we had as a child. It is very important to remain child-like as we imagine the possibilities, even though our dreams may refine with age.

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• design

Design helps bring our visions into reality. Design helps us see the future with visual clarity, while respecting the winds of uncertainty. Design toes off the hard constraints with optimism and finds a path forward even when it’s not immediately clear. We trust the process.


+ life

Life is real. Moments lift us up, some knock us down. Whether in fight or flight, improving the human condition requires us to lead with courage and empathize with others. Courage comes from convictions where we believe in something much bigger than ourselves.